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albert girós



Yin-Yang - Delta de l'Ebre, 2007



Complementary mirages.

Yin and Yang, plenty and emptiness.

Mirages of the light... and the shade.

Everything what evades the Earth leaves an emptiness like memory. Everything what we constructed all our artifice has an suitable air bed, in the own nature.

The city is history. It grows like a scar on the Earth. It grows, it is enlarged, one become inflamed.

If this scar - artifice "is dried", single is left the linen cloth in target of the Earth.

The beds of the facts of the man will be also disappear, integrated in the nature.

The Earth, the nature conserves the memory of all the men and all the times.

Albert Girós – 2007






Yang - Delta de l'Ebre, 2007




the artist orders the world to include/understand it and to explain it; in order to be included/understood and to explain themselves.

And their artifice, their sculpture, their poem, their work, continues comprising of the nature in permanent change.

The life is paradoxical memory and: [... ] the progress, of history and all that construction is nature and change. The ephemeral thing is eternal. The perpetual thing is the change.

Albert Girós – 2004

Yin-Yang - Delta de l'Ebre, 2007








Yin-Yang - Delta de l'Ebre, 2007