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Infinite - walk - Delta de l'Ebre 2006

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So that I decided to walk the form of an infinite-moebius to visualize the surroundings in all the possible directions, the four cardinal points, and to be catching with the camera different images.

Was a good exercise for "putting order" in my thoughts and my erratic life.

The beauty that surrounds me to me puts it easier.

I realized which the flow and ebb tide of the waves in the beach also took the form from the infinite that was been taking a walk, so that I caught it with the camera. As if the sea confirmed something to me.

The ephemeral thing is eternal. The permanent thing is the change.

A. Girós, Delta de l'Ebre 2007














Walking in spiral - Delta de l'Ebre 2006

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I walked of natural form around an object found in the beach while it drew up with a cane the sign of my to walk.

And I saw that of natural way I has been walking in spiral.

Walking in spiral I included/understood that to grow it is not more than "to walk around and moving away of an origin (the own one) without losing of view that point and the harmonic relation with him".

Walking of this form you arrive at an indefectible end. The sign seems to erase in the sea but the sign of the set remains visible.

I include/understand why so many things in the nature grow according to this guideline. The spiral and the golden proportion. It always interests to me the series of Fibonacci to find explanation to something.

But the experience of the "stroll" in spiral gave a sensation me of matchless naturalness.

A. Girós, Delta de l'Ebre 2007








Action heart - Delta de l'Ebre 2006

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It had had some "problems" of health in relation to the heart.
Nothing, thing without importance..., but I decided to make some exercise disciplined in the beach.

It was happened to me, rythmically to extend the arms of natural way and to be excavating sand so that it was left a container that would be filled of water...
That surprise to see that the container took form from heart!!...

When my daughter Sara took in her hands sand wet by the waves..., surprise: she took form from heart!

Mágic..., divine message..., or simply that our symbols are also dictated by the mother nature.

So I decided to put the sand that this way also excavated in heart form a Yin-Yang, positive/negative in form of ephemeral sculpture.

A. Girós, Delta de l'Ebre 2007







I was taking a walk by the beach. Many days equal: breathing, walking, thinking, finding beings and objects that later of a form or another one will happen to comprise of some work or some picture.

Suddenly I saw that it had to draw the itinerary of those strolls by the beach that are erratic, random..., seems that one goes, without fixed course guided by its thoughts, the images that surround to him and that I know who factors..., more free; like the wind...




















Corazón Mariposa (Yin-Yang) - Delta de l'Ebre 2006




AI - Delta de l'Ebre 2006















I - Delta de l'Ebre 2006



La línea de la playa - Delta de l'Ebre 2006












AI - Love








A - Delta de l'Ebre 2006



Personaje frente al mar - Delta de l'Ebre 2006