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albert girós



Que ?! - Eivissa 1984

The Eternal - Delta de l'Ebre (2004)
Poster / Photography

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i - (2004)
Poster / Photography







[... ] To discern..., when the art - the poem stops permanent running of the life, at that moment, small death, sublime moment, provides an answer.

The water, the Earth, the stone, the sand, the air, the fire, the four elements and the metal... the five energies.

The artist orders the world to include/understand it and to explain it; in order to be included/understood and to explain themselves.

And their artifice, their sculpture, their poem, their work, continues comprising of the nature in permanent change.

[... ]

The ephemeral thing is eternal. The perpetual thing is the change.


Albert Girós – 2004




i - (2004)


i - (2004)