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MEMORIA - Eivissa 1980

MEMORIA - Eivissa 1980


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E (R-A) - Tarragona 1984

E (R-A) - Tarragona 1984


MEMORIA, is a piece that can be defined as land-art, sculpture and poem. It consists of a construction of stones composed of seven units the seven letters that compose the word MEMORY. With connotations of archaeological rest simultaneously it presents/displays constructive elements of the mediterranean traditional culture: the dry stone walls that delimit territories or form "bancales" of culture. Inspired by these constructions was constructed in 1980 in the island of Ibiza, lands of the interior of the island, in the base of a hill as opposed to the level one of San Lorenzo. It was acquired in 2000 and one is inside a property deprived, surrounded by pines, carob trees and almonds tree, hardly visible from the top of the hill. The work is catalogued in some catalogues of art and described in some journalistic articles of later years.









E (R-A) - Tarragona 1984


E - As MEMORY is a sculpture piece, land-art, poem that uses like constructive elements the stone, but in this case unlike MEMORY that used exclusively the stone of the place and the techniques of the place, in and uses stones of very diverse origins a crystal ballot box which it contains part of these stones and constructive elements of concrete that compose in this case the letter E from the surface of the land in depth that is that the piece is buried practically. It was constructed in 1984 like first element of the project ERA that is completed with other two pieces and is located in Castellbell, near the locality of Reus in the property of the sculptor Rufino Mesa.





Question! : Answer What...,

How..., essential questions, whose answers vanishes in the to air, whose answers finds the man in Nature: his own discourse. Discern..., when art - the poem- stops the permanent flow of life, brings an to answer,

AT this instant, to little death, sublimates instant, brings an to answer: petrified thought: petrified emotion. Water, earth, stone, sand, to air, fire, the four elements and metal, the five energies. The artist arrange the world to understand and explain himself.

And his artifice, his poem, his work, continues taking part of nature in permanent change.

Life is memory and Paradox: the Energy that flows is petrified memory, language. Petrified language: beginning of civilisation, the construction of life in community. Memory is foundation of transformation and progress of history and all this construction is nature and change.

Ephemerial is eternal. Perpetual is change.

Albert Girós - 2004