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albert girós





Camino de piedras - Eivissa 1978

Way of the sun / Road of stones - Eivissa 1978






Piano paisaje - Piano/piedras/proyección fotográfica 1983

Piano landscape - Piano/stones/photographic projection - 1983









The Thought is a Prison - Action - Barcelona 1980

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There are no classes...;

there are dunes there are no chairs...; there are no bourgeoisies

the rest: a stone, the thought: a stone.

The life: a sign; a rock road.

The death: a stone polished written. the MEMORY.

The word: a breeze in the petrified time.

The shout, a pulverized bone that the sun pushes the horizon.

A memory, a flight of bird, a voice, an answer that it falls and it rolls and it rolls with other stones.

A personal history desert of flowers stone orchard.

The white salt, the yellow sun, the pink water.

Horizon of salt, line of stones way... in order to cross abysses.

The Earth sky golden salt mines

Silence embraces to you and it drowns to you, now stone, way, destiny, horizon and origin.

girós - eivissa 1978 - 2007

Cuerpo paisaje - Fotografia 1981

Body landscape - 1981











Prelude And Fugue No. 12 In F Minor BWV 857_ Fuga-Daniel Ben Pienaar

What?! - Assembly display cabinet (Score and objects) 1983





Studies of balance